MEC praises southeast Michigan leaders for giving voters a say on the future of regional transit

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb on Thursday issued the following statement praising southeast Michigan leaders for reaching an agreement that will allow voters to have their say on the Regional Transit Authority's plan for the four-county area's transportation future

"This is a huge step forward for everyone in our region, whether they live in the city or the suburbs. I applaud regional leaders and the RTA board for recognizing the importance of this moment, finding common ground and moving forward with a plan that will build connections and create opportunities throughout southeast Michigan."

"As a Washtenaw County resident, I look forward to voting in favor of improved transit this fall, and I encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same. Even residents who don't use public transportation benefit immensely from the economic growth it nurtures, the talented workers it attracts, the cleaner air it provides and the connections it builds to make the whole region thrive."


Chris Kolb

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