MEC blasts southeast Michigan leaders for refusing to give voters a say on regional transit

Michigan Environmental Council President Chris Kolb on Thursday issued the following statement blasting elected leaders in southeast Michigan for standing in the way of major improvements to the region's transportation system and refusing to give voters a say on the Regional Transit Authority's master plan:

"I'm not sure I can adequately express my frustration that the same old divisions that have too long plagued our region are threatening to derail a solid plan to build a real transit system in southeast Michigan. To let a few last-minute disagreements stand in the way of something that took four decades to achieve is deeply disappointing. To not even let voters have their say is simply outrageous."

Too many Metro Detroit residents can't get work because they don't have reliable transportation. Too many seniors and people with disabilities lack access to their doctors, grocery stores and the support networks they rely on. Too many young people are leaving Michigan for places where elected officials understand the benefits of transit and aren't stuck in the past.

Southeast Michigan residents recognize that even those who don't regularly use public transportation will benefit immensely from the economic growth it nurtures, the talented workers it attracts, the cleaner air it provides and the connections it builds to make the whole region thrive.

"After today's vote, the clock is ticking. Our region's leaders owe it to all of us to put aside their differences, do what's right for the people of southeast Michigan and allow voters to show their support for a 21st century transportation system that works for everyone."


Andy McGlashen
Michigan Environmental Council
(517) 420-1908

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