MEC applauds Michigan's legal and executive actions to shut down Line 5

Michigan Environmental Council President Conan Smith issued the following statement in response to today's legal steps by AG Nessel to decommission Line 5, and Gov. Whitmer's executive action directing the DNR to perform a comprehensive review of Enbridge's Easement compliance:

"Michigan Environmental Council supports the legal action taken by Attorney General Nessel against Enbridge to end the threat of Line 5 in the Great Lakes. We thank her for the clear filing of summary disposition on Enbridge’s lawsuit, and hope for swift resolution of that lawsuit.

In addition, we applaud AG Nessel’s suit on behalf of the people of Michigan which is a step forward in the fight to protect our Great Lakes from the billions of dollars of damage that an oil spill would cause in the Straits of Mackinac. Michigan residents are painfully aware of the effects of such an oil spill following the disaster in Marshall less than 10 years ago. Michiganders are fed up with the threat of an oil disaster in our precious lakes, and AG Nessel’s action is one piece of what is needed to end the threat of Line 5 for good.

Governor Whitmer's call for the Department of Natural Resources to review the easement for violations is a vital first step in what must be a swift process to revoke the 1953 Easement. Just over a year ago, a bit of luck was all that came between a dent and a disaster from an anchor strike on Line 5. Every day that goes by in operation is one more day a disaster could occur.

We thank the Attorney General and Governor for standing together and using their authority to take the actions necessary to end the threat of an oil spill in the Straits once and for all."

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