Linkaround: Lou Dobbs exposes us!

A compendium of the curious and interesting for a Friday afternoon:

Let's get the serious stuff out of the way. First, a reminder that tree hugging and methamphetamine use don't mix. Secondly, The Michigan Environmental Council has zero tolerance for turncoats who leak internal Lorax Strategy documents to Lou Dobbs so he can expose our secrets. Someone will pay.

If Dobbs' revelation destroys environmental nonprofits, perhaps we can work for industry.for example, the Sierra Club is pitching this awesome job available by the oxymoronic Clean Coal Coalition! Or there's the American Enterprise Institute, where they're fond of pretty much just making stuff up.

Closer to home, we enjoyed this piece by Erin McDonough of MUCC on why legislators should keep their mitts off the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Did you know McDonough grew up on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan. And that it once was ruled by a self-proclaimed king?

For more on really bad ideas, we turn to Rep. Ray Franz who wants to repeal Michigan's renewable energy standard according to subscription-only MIRS news service report.

Let's see here. Renewable energy is cheaper than new coal; creates jobs at more than 200 Michigan companies; reduces the billions we spend annually on out-of-state fuels; lessens pollution and improves public health; and is diversifying our state's manufacturing base. So, yeah, let's jettison it. Rep. Franz, you'll recall, also wants to ban all research on offshore wind in the Great Lakes. Fortunately, Michigan's renewable energy industry has matured to the point where it now has a fledgling trade group to stick up for it.

Finally, here's some video of Lake Superior surfers during the Leap Day blizzard!

Have a great weekend!


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