Here are some voting tips plus one change you'll see on the ballot this year

On Tuesday, November 6, Election Day will finally be here. With Michigan’s environment facing threats on multiple fronts, strong leadership is more important now than ever. We understand that taking just an hour out of your day to go vote can be difficult, so here are some helpful tips to make your Election Day a good one!

Where’s my polling place?

Polls open statewide at 7 AM and will close at 8 PM. Click here to find your polling place.

What should I bring (and not bring)?

Your voter identification card is not necessary as long as you are at the correct polling location. A voter identification card is just for your reference and is not required to vote. If possible, you should bring a valid photo ID such as a Michigan driver’s license to your polling place. However, you can still vote if you do not have this. Find out what counts as a valid photo ID by clicking here.

Michigan voters are prohibited from recording or taking pictures while voting. Furthermore, Michigan has banned election-related materials at the polls which include clothing, buttons and stickers. If you wear any of these to your polling place, you may be asked to remove or cover it.

What’s on my ballot?

Click here to see a sample ballot.

Also, new this year there is no straight ticket voting in Michigan! So make sure you make it down the whole front and backside of the ballot before submitting your vote.

Remind friends and family to vote!

People are much more likely to vote if they see others in their network doing it. Pass this email along! Make sure your friends, family, neighbors and everyone in between have an Election Day plan.

Your vote is your voice, so make sure they hear what you have to say on November 6. See you at the polls. 


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