Group to EGLE: Adopt equitable climate policies

This year, Michiganders across the state suffered through flood after flood, power outage after power outage, and ozone action day after ozone action day. Now, 28 organizations and municipalities are urging the state to boldly and equitably take on the cause of each crisis: climate change.

Environmental, public health, education, science and humanitarian experts came together to write letter of policy recommendations to the Michigan Council on Climate Solutions and the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE). Both the citizen-led Council and EGLE are tasked with shaping a climate plan that will make Michigan carbon neutral by 2050.

The letter urges the Council and EGLE to adopt its policies, which will lessen energy use, power Michigan's grid with renewable energy, and electrify buildings, transportation and industry. It also urged both entities to ensure those most disproportionally impacted by climate change receive the most protection from it.

Not adopting these policies means Michigan would fail to properly protect its people and their natural resources, the signatories said.

The letter can be read HERE and below.