Governor Snyder: Call us maybe!?

It was just an innocuous brief in our winter newsletter:

"Governor Rick Snyder reads each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report cover-to-cover. At least that's what he told MEC President Chris Kolb during an informal chat at a University of Michigan basketball game recently. Kolb suggested - and the governor denied - that Snyder's picture on the front page of a recent edition might have had something to do with his interest in the newsletter! Hey, governor - if you're reading this, drop use a line!"

On Tuesday he did, dialing the MEC office and speaking briefly to Kolb.

"'You said to drop you a line, so I am,'" Kolb recalled Snyder telling him. "Never in a million years did I think the Governor would actually call, if I had only known it was that easy....!"

He said he doesn't always get to read it cover-to-cover but he does try to read as much as he can, and zeros in on the articles that interest him.

We're thinking of pushing our luck a little further next issue.there are a couple of bills we'd like him to veto, some energy standards that need upgrading, some adjustments to the state budget. ..governor? Governor? Still there? Governor? Hello?


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