Environmental Justice Work Group recommendations provide clear path forward to a healthy environment for all Michiganders

The Environmental Justice Work Group (EJWG) appointed by Governor Snyder today publicly released their final report. The 23 members of the EJWG reached strong consensus on the final report’s 33 recommendations to address the Governor’s charge laid out in his 2017 State of the State address. 

That goal was for the EJWG to "study the issue of environmental justice to make sure all Michiganders have a clean, safe, healthy environment no matter who they are or where they live." 

"This was a real learning process and emotionally moving for all of us involved in the Environmental Justice Work Group," said Chris Kolb, EJWG co-chair and Michigan Environmental Council President. "Our hope is that Governor Snyder will take to heart not just this report and our recommendations but also the lessons we collectively have learned over time to help lead the way to further increase the quality of life for all Michiganders."

"It's well established that minority and low-income urban and rural populations bear the brunt of environmental pollution and the negative health impacts resulting from that pollution. With the release of the EJWG report, Michigan has a great opportunity to put in place common sense solutions that better protect vulnerable communities and give them a greater voice in decision-making," said Charlotte Jameson, EJWG member and Michigan Environmental Council Energy Policy and Legislative Affairs Director. "We look forward to working with Governor Snyder and others to ensure the critical recommendations from the EJWG report are implemented going forward."

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