As 2022 winds to a close, we are looking ahead to an exciting moment for our movement. Following record voter turnout, Democrats will control the Michigan Legislature and Governor’s office for the first time in 40 years. Kicking off a new year, we are poised to have more allies than ever to accomplish a bold agenda that puts our environment and communities first. 

  • Over the last year, we saw historic wins for our air, water, and land. With a $4.8 billion allocation for projects promoting clean water, greener transportation, energy-efficient homes, and other upgrades, Michigan made its largest investment in the environment.
  • Now, we’re poised to do even better. What happened in the election is encouraging. Addressing environmental concerns will become a bigger policy priority. Suddenly, protections we’ve long wanted are within reach.
  • But grasping bigger, better wins requires your partnership. Our policy expertise is proven and trusted. We support a growing number of environmental organizations across Michigan. Our impactful messaging raises awareness about pressing concerns. An investment in our work is truly an investment in Michigan’s environment, and we have BIG plans to enact a bold agenda in this unique climate of opportunity.

With the collective strength of our members, allies, and supportive decision-makers, we can enact the kind of systemic, positive change that Michigan needs—today and beyond. Will you join us? Help bring about the environmental protections the Great Lake State needs through a donation to the Environmental Council.

Our Federal Tax ID Number is 38-2517980. Donations can also be mailed to our Environmental Council office at 602 W. Ionia St., Lansing, MI 48933. Organizations/Companies may donate here.

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