Don't let polluters write the rules!

Don’t let polluters write the rules

Can you imagine giving a company like Enbridge Energy, which owns the pipeline under the Mackinac Straits, the final say over how much oil must be cleaned up after a spill?

Senate Bills 652 and 653 create two new panels to oversee environmental permitting and regulation. Shockingly, individuals appointed to these panels would represent interests that directly profit from discharging pollutants into our air and water.

In other words, the very businesses being regulated would decide “appropriate” levels of toxic smokestack emissions and the extent to which contaminated sites must be cleaned up. This is not only horrible news for our health and natural resources, it’s a stunning conflict of interest.

We can’t let polluters write their own rules.

Urge your State Representative to vote no on SB 652 and SB 653.

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