Curbside Recycling

We are expanding curbside recycling in Detroit.

Detroit was once the largest American city that didn’t offer curbside recycling. To end that dubious distinction, MEC and Zero Waste Detroit (ZWD), which MEC is part of, successfully lobbied city officials to launch a small curbside recycling pilot in 2009.

Our coalition was the driving force behind the expansion of that program to all single-family homes citywide in 2012. MEC’s top goal is to increase recycling participation rates. Since ZWD's founding, we’ve been signing up residents for free recycling carts all over Detroit -- at community meetings, concerts, festivals, on city streets and in the neighborhoods. ZWD has recruited more than 15,000 residents into the curbside recycling program. Each month, over 1,400 homes join the program.

The ZWD team is leading the charge, signing up residents for free recycling carts daily at community meetings and other locations across the city.

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