Children & School Pollution - Capitol Connection webinar

We send children to school so they can learn, grow and make friends. But the route to and from school could be keeping them home sick.

Most school buses use diesel fuel, which emits a host of toxic pollutants. When inhaled consistently, they can create and exacerbate heart and lung diseases, like asthma, and make it tougher to learn.

Many children are especially vulnerable. First, their still-developing lungs and more rapid breathing make them especially vulnerable to sickness. Second, children who take the bus are constantly exposed to high levels of their school bus's diesel emissions, whether in line or in their seats.

Tina Wahl, environmental health program director for the Michigan Environmental Council, is doing anything but idling to fix this issue.

She joined the cause to replace all Michigan school bus fleets with fossil fuel-free options. The first step in the process: working with the Erb Family Foundation to limit the amount of diesel bus fleets are currently emitting. It's part of a larger effort, spearheaded by member group Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision and brought into the spotlight by Planet Detroit.

Join Tina and environmental health intern Alison Martin in our upcoming Capitol Connection webinar as they share how schools are unknowingly hurting kids' health, what the Environmental Council and others are doing to limit it, and how you can get your school district to join our cause and limit diesel emissions.



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April 08, 2022 at 11:30am - 12pm
Beau Brockett ·