Railroad Woes: An Environmental Injustice - Capitol Connection webinar

When we think of mergers, social media sites, airlines and phone companies tend to come to mind. But there's another sort underway, and if it's approved it could have major implications on our qualities of life.

Canadian Pacific Railway is attempting to buy a competitor, Kansas City Southern. If they have their way, Canadian Pacific would become the only railway to serve all of North America. It also means that freight trains could be making frequent stops at the Detroit Intermodal Facility, where numerous passenger trains drop off and pick up people on the daily.

The fossil fuel pollution these trains could bring to populated, frequently visited neighborhoods across the continent already has environmental leaders in places like Texas and Michigan worried, and they're beginning to coalesce a movement against the merger.

Join one of those players, Dr. Michael Dorsey, and Conan Smith, Environmental Council president & CEO, as they lay out the situation at its potential implications.



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June 10, 2022 at 11:30am - 12pm
Beau Brockett ·