The Big takeaways of 2022 - Capitol Connection webinar

Lester Graham, of Michigan Radio, and Garret Ellison, of MLive

It sometimes feels as if the biggest events of our lives hit us out of nowhere, even if we've long expected them. We wait and wait and then they've arrived.

The same seems to go for our environment. Suddenly, historic flooding hits metro Detroit. Suddenly, Michigan has a climate plan and utility companies are closing coal plants. Suddenly, a company spills chemicals into a river. And then the company does it again.

It's one thing to keep up with all this news. It's another to wrap our minds around what it all means. How do sudden changes to our environment play into a larger narrative, as silent as it is impactful? What has been Michigan's environmental story, and how will recent events shape its next chapter?

Enter Lester Graham and Garret Ellison. If you've followed their respective work for Michigan Radio and MLive, you likely have a strong grasp of what's happening in communities across Michigan and what they mean for our state, nation, and even world.

That's because Graham and Ellison are two of Michigan's top environmental reporters. Graham is the longtime host of the Environment Report, and his coverage of infrastructure and pollution have garnered him state and national water journalism awards. Ellison helped break the news of the plight of PFAS in Michigan and of Nestle's massive water withdrawals. That work garnered him state and national awards as well.

Join them and Michigan Environmental Council President & CEO Conan Smith as they discuss the big environmental takeaways of 2022 and what they might mean for the years ahead in our Friday Capitol Connection webinar.


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December 16, 2022 at 11:30am - 12pm
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