Nathan Murphy

Nathan Murphy

Member group representative

Nathan Murphy joined MEC’s board in 2019. He is a member of its ad hoc bylaws review and Petoskey Prize committees. where he has since helped it foster stronger connections within Michigan’s environmental community. He is the state director of Environment Michigan, he leads research on the challenges confronting our environment and advocates for solutions. For example, Murphy and his team lead a coalition that shut down a miasmic municipal trash incinerator in Detroit that routinely exceeded air pollution permits.

The Ann Arbor resident also serves as board president of RISE Recovery Community in Lansing, which provides halfway homes and services at little to no cost for people recovering from substance abuse. 

Murphy was previously an Indiana University adjunct faculty member, a legislative director for two Michigan representatives and a policy analyst on the environment, natural resources and agriculture for the Michigan Senate. He further honed his environmental leadership skills by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, a masters degree in environmental science and a doctorate in ecology. 

When Murphy is not working, he can be found anywhere frogs are calling, whether by vernal pools in the spring or by marshes and lakes in the summer.