Jeremy Orr

Jeremy Orr

Member group representative - NAACP

Jeremy Orr joined MEC’s board in 2019. He serves on its Petoskey Prize committee.

As the environmental and climate justice chair of Michigan NAACP, he seeks to reduce harmful emissions; advance clean, efficient energy; and strengthen community resilience and livability. 

Orr is also a member of the United States’ Environmental Justice Advisory Council and vice chair of the environmental justice committee of the American Bar Association.

Orr’s primary job, however, is as People’s Climate Movement’s national state program director. He guides the state’s climate change advocacy efforts among environmental organizations, religious organizations, trade unions and social justice advocates. The role builds off his time directing the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition and coordinating environmental justice issues within Wayne State University’s law school.

The licensed attorney rounds out his expertise with three degrees from Michigan State University: a bachelor’s, a masters and a Juris Doctor. 

With his experiences, Orr helps MEC continue to center its priorities around the health of Michigan’s most vulnerable residents while advocating for the state’s environment and natural resources. 

When away from work, Orr enjoys visiting Lake Michigan, Belle Isle Park and Crosswinds Marsh County Park.