Bryan Burroughs

Bryan Burroughs

Member group representative

Bryan Burroughs joined MEC’s board in 2014. 

As executive director of Michigan Trout Unlimited, Burroughs leads the nonprofit’s 21 chapters’ efforts to conserve, protect and restore Michigan’s coldwater fisheries and watersheds.

The Dewitt resident also works with the Michigan Water Use Advisory Council, Michigan Environmental Permit Review Panel and the Michigan Hydro Relicensing Coalition, which works to restore rivers impacted by hydroelectric dams. Rounding out his experience is a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of New Hampshire and both a masters degree and doctorate degree in fisheries and wildlife service from Michigan State University.

A passion for fish and waterways extends to Burroughs’ work with MEC. As Michigan Trout Unlimited’s director, he worked with MEC on water withdrawal legislation and net pen fish farming. Both groups passed knowledge to one another they would not have otherwise known. Burroughs extends and encourages such partnerships through MEC’s board.

Burroughs’ exploits of angling and hunting lead him all around Michigan, from tiny streams to large rivers, vast marshes to tiny woodland ponds, old growth forests to young aspen stands. Among his favorite places, however, is his family cabin nestled in Manistee National Forest.