Bill Wood

Bill Wood

Vice chair, member group representative

Bill Wood joined MEC’s board in 2017. He is part of its development, executive and policy and strategy committees. 

As executive director of West Michigan Environmental Action Council, Wood directs its responses to issues emerging from west Michigan’s natural and human communities. He also guides WMEAC’s extensive education program, so that young generations can grow up with the drive and skills to tackle future threats.

Prior, Wood worked for Habitat for Humanity. He oversaw regional deconstruction programs, keeping 1,000,000 pounds of building material out of waste streams, reducing the program’s impact on watersheds and earning $1.5 million for programs. Complementing his experiences is a bachelor’s degree in English, a masters degree in social work and field research experience with Illinois’ Department of Natural Resources. 

When time allows, Wood still volunteers with his local Habitat for Humanity material recovery crew. He also volunteers his time as an executive member of the Pigeon River Country Advisory Council, US Climate Action Network, and groups in his hometown of Grand Rapids, Seeds of Promise and the Vital Streets Oversight Commission. 

As a vice chair of MEC, Wood works to increase membership among west Michigan environmental groups and transition Michigan away from fossil fuels toward renewable energy  and a robust, just, green economy.

Wood’s love for Michigan’s environment extends into his leisure time. He enjoys kayaking, sailing, swimming, backpacking, camping and cooking (and eating) its agricultural products. He also enjoys live music, pinball and learning about Michigan’s history.