Becca Maher

Becca Maher

Strategic Campaigns Director

Becca brings good people and good policies together. She leads the Sustainable Michigan Fund – a 501(c)4 sister organization that advances MEC’s agenda through policy initiatives, such as ballot proposals. She also ensures MEC’s policy, engagement and communications teams work to the best of their abilities together on policy priorities.

While the Ann Arbor resident joined the Environmental Council in January 2021, she has led the Sustainable Michigan Fund since January 2020, overseeing its first ballot campaign – 84% of Michigan voters supported a state proposal to expand funding for natural places because of her efforts.

Prior to her MEC partnership, Becca connected state representatives to their constituents as the Michigan House’s deputy member services director. She also served as deputy political director for Michigan House Democrats and as Rep. Donna Lasinski’s campaign manager and constituent services director.

Rounding out her experience is a bachelor’s degree in public policy and a minor in sociology from the University of Michigan.

Becca can be found in her alma mater’s hometown with her puppy, Rufus, making (and eating) bagels, enjoying good food, exploring new trails, visiting the farmers market and tending her house plants.