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  • commented on Contact Us 2020-02-25 02:10:10 -0500
    I have sent the following email to each of Michigan’s Republican State Senators in response to the partisan vote to deny Anne Mitterling a seat on the Natural Resources Commission, and their threat to remove George Heartwell. I plan to call each one as well. I sent a thank you email to Senator Jon aBumstead as he is the only GOP Senator that voted to keep Ms. Mitterling and who stands behind Mr. Heartwell.

    Will you please send a call to action to your members to do the same NOW, as they may take a vote this week. The NRA, the Great Lakes Gun Rights organization, and perhaps others, are having their members call their Senators to urge their removal of George Heartwell. Time is of the essence. Please pass it on to other organizations as well.

    Thank you, Sally Wagoner

    “Dear Senator ________:

    As a Michigander, I’m sure you love our beautiful environment and want to ensure that best practices are followed in determining policies to protect its natural beauty and robust resources.

    Therefore I urge you to stand with your fellow Republican, Senator Jon Bumstead, in supporting George Heartwell’s appointment as a Natural Resources Commissioner.

    Michigan residents know that Mr. Heartwell’s passion and tireless work for the environment are be the driving forces of any decisions he makes as an NRC Commissioner. He also has expressed his respect for the 2nd Amendment, seeking only to ensure the safety of our community members while Mayor of Grand Rapids, NOT in pursuit of taking away anyone’s right to bear arms in a responsible manner. The fact that members of the NRA, the Great Lakes Gun Rights, and Republican State Senators are mixing these two issues into Mr. Heartwell’s NRC position is not only moot, but is distasteful, heavy handed partisanship as well.

    As Mr. Heartwell stated in a recent Mlive interview, he grew up hunting and is comfortable around guns. Plus, as he said, the board isn’t in charge of guns.“So, for those who think that I’m going to somehow have the authority here on this board to do something about firearms, I really don’t. This is about hunting and fishing regulations and has little or nothing to do with firearms, other than in the use of taking species.”

    I believe that you desire a less partisan working government as much as I and most Michiganders do. And I am sure you know that, as an ordained minister and fair negotiator, George Heartwell is known for reaching across political aisles and community divides to find common ground. His passion for outdoor recreation as well as support for hunting and fishing habitat conservation makes him an ideal NRC community representative.

    Creating division among partisan lines with regards to his appointment will only weaken the important work that the NRC must do. And perhaps even more damaging, it will continue to reinforce and widen the political divide that is turning citizens and their representatives against each other, instead of respecting and working with each other. Please take a stand and have Michigan take the lead for our country to break from purely partisan politics.

    Again, I and thousands of other Michiganders who voice with our votes urge you to stand with your fellow Republican Senator Jon Bumstead in your support of the appointment of George Heartwell to the Natural Resources Commission.

    Thank you for your service as our State Senator, and for your fair consideration in this matter.

    Sally Wagoner”

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