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August 19 Day of Action -- Keep Oil Out of the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes are Michigan’s most treasured natural resource. But an oil pipeline running through the Straits of Mackinac is putting the Great Lakes at risk.
View ArticleAug 15, 2014

MEC connects WMU students, state lawmakers on Mackinac Straits oil pipeline issue

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Dozens of Western Michigan University (WMU) students descended on the State Capitol and the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) office Wednesday, asking state legislators to address Enbridge Energy Company’s aging oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac.
View ArticleFeb 27, 2014

Dave Dempsey: Author, historian, policy expert and steadfast defender of the Great Lakes

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The sound was like thunder. Bass-heavy, ground-shaking booms at rhythmic intervals. It lured Dave Dempsey from his sleeping bag one fine summer day in 1981. What he found mesmerized him and forever guided his career path.
View ArticleJun 20, 2013  •  Spring 2013 - Michigan Environmental Report

EPA may end SS Badger's long run on coal

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The iconic Michigan steamship, the SS Badger, may lose its permit to dump spent coal into Lake Michigan.
View ArticleMar 7, 2013

Great Lakes, energy and trail network on 2013 agenda

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A slate of environmental and energy policy initiatives was outlined by Gov. Rick Snyder during his Nov. 28 special address on energy and the environment, including stronger clean energy policies and Great Lakes protections, strategic planning for public lands and development of a trail network spanning the state.
View ArticleJan 17, 2013  •  Fall 2012 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Great Lakes Trivia Quiz

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The days are long and hot, amplifying our appreciation for our deep and (mostly) clear lakes. Let’s celebrate Michigan’s special place on the planet—in the cradle of the greatest freshwater system on Earth—by testing your knowledge of the Great Lakes and Michigan’s water resources.
View ArticleJun 15, 2012  •  Spring 2012 - Michigan Environmental Report

Bell ringers! Environmental successes won in recent weeks

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Michigan’s public transportation and passenger railroad service both got good news in May. The public transportation budget recommended by Gov. Rick Snyder and passed by the legislature retained existing funding levels—good news in a budget that otherwise cut natural resource protection budgets.
View ArticleJun 5, 2011  •  Spring 2011 - Michigan Environmental Report

Asian carp expert: Great Lakes tributaries may be more at risk than the lakes themselves

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Google “Asian carp,” and you’ll return 348,000 hits. Not as many as Lindsay Lohan (21.3 million) but still plenty of choices from which to glean information on the voracious fish knocking on the door of the Great Lakes.
View ArticleDec 14, 2010  •  Fall 2010 - Michigan Environmental Report

Great Lakes Health Banner making a comeback!

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The Great Lakes Health Banner—a powerful documentary of the work of Great Lakes and Michigan organizations concerned about the health effects of toxins and the lack of effective action by elected officials—is making a comeback.
View ArticleDec 14, 2008  •  Fall 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report

New law: A major step forward in protecting Michigan’s water

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New protection for Michigan’s water, including legislation authorizing Michigan’s entry into the Great Lakes–St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact (the Compact), was signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm in July. The Compact is an agreement among the eight U.S. Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces to prevent diversions and regulate withdrawals that would harm the waters of the Great Lakes.
View ArticleAug 11, 2008  •  Summer 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report

Agreement scores new, concrete protections for Michigan water resources

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A bipartisan agreement announced today establishes important and concrete protections for Michigan’s streams and makes water conservation an integral part of the state’s water stewardship efforts.
Read MoreJun 23, 2008

Compact OK’d, but important water safeguards overlooked by State Senate

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Michigan’s House and Senate approved the eight-state Great Lakes Compact in mid-May, but protection for the state’s majestic waterways was still uncertain at press time as key additional protections remained in limbo.
View ArticleMay 29, 2008  •  Spring 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report
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Bad medicine:

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Flushing prescription medicine down the toilet puts it out of sight and out of mind—but doesn’t necessarily render it harmless.
View ArticleJan 1, 2008  •  Winter 2008 - Michigan Environmental Report

Something's Amuck: Algae blooms return to Michigan shores

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Repulsive, potentially toxic clumps of algae are likely to reappear this summer to plague swimmers and beachcombers from the bays of Grand Traverse to the shores of Lake Erie. The troubling return of algae is a throwback to the days when rampant pollution of the Great Lakes led researchers to declare Lake Erie "dead" in the 1970s. And it is a warning that the state can not afford to ignore, concludes a report released by the Michigan Environmental Council. "Something's Amuck: Algae blooms return to Michigan shores" illustrates how invasive species, combined with legal loopholes that encourage phosphorus pollution, have opened the door for algae's comeback.
Download ReportJun 1, 2006
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