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MEC to Gov. Granholm on push to move Michigan toward cleaner, cheaper, job-creating energy options: ‘We’ve got your back’

An aggressive agenda to make Michigan a leader in job-rich clean energy technology and energy efficiency industries was unveiled by Gov. Jennifer Granholm in her State of the State speech in February, earning kudos from the Michigan Environmental Council and the state’s environmental and public health community.

Gov. Granholm aims to cut by 45 percent the amount of electricity generated from polluting, expensive fossil fuels by 2020. The power will instead come from efficiency savings and a combination of wind, solar, biofuel and other innovative technologies.

Many of those technologies could be born and nurtured in Michigan, which is poised to become an incubator for clean energy research and development.

Vested interests like the oil and coal industries have already served notice they will oppose any effort to force them to deviate from their “business as usual” model, despite clear signs from Wall Street that fuel-intensive energy is becoming a risky investment for ratepayers and banks. Message to Gov. Granholm from MEC: “We’ve got your back”.
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