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Gov. Snyder creates Blue Ribbon Panel on State Parks and Outdoor Recreation

MEC's Brad Garmon appointed to 16-member panel
Gov. Rick Snyder appointed MEC's Brad Garmon to a blue ribbon panel that will ensure the role of state parks evolves to meet the needs of Michigan's diverse and changing population.

Snyder issued Executive Order 10 on Mackinac Island, one of the state's crown jewels, creating the 16-member panel. The Blue Ribbon Panel on State Parks and Outdoor Recreation will conduct a yearlong review of state parks and recreation areas, exploring innovative models that will help these assets better serve current and new generations of Michiganders.

"State parks are integral to Michigan's identity," Snyder said. "They preserve and protect some of our most significant natural and cultural resources. Their natural beauty, recreational opportunities and economic power enhance every corner of Michigan. By working in a thoughtful, visionary manner, we will ensure that these treasures adapt as we enter the New Michigan."

The system contains 100 state parks and recreation areas, drawing more than 25 million visitors annually.

Brad Garmon is director of conservation and emerging issues for the Michigan Environmental Council, where he develops contracts, strategies and policies to enhance economic development through natural resource protection.

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