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Experts: Detroiters cut off from healthy food options

Panelist says lack of access killing residents, who suffer from diabetes and other issues
Michigan Environmental Council-hosted panel discussion focused on food policy in Detroit

by Jim Lynch/ The Detroit News

Detroit—An increase in locally produced foods can only be good for the city of Detroit, but there are far too many obstacles standing between growers and consumers, a panel of local food experts said Tuesday at a discussion hosted by the Michigan Environmental Council.

The obstacles discussed included everything from city residents' attitudes about eating and government officials' failure to back local growing efforts to lack of access to fresh food.

"The lack of access to healthy food in Detroit has serious health ramifications," said Malik Yakini, chairman of the Detroit Food Policy Council. City residents, many of whom live too far from Eastern Market and other markets, are essentially cut off from the chance to eat a healthier selection of foods, he said.

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