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Report: Michigan's wind and solar industries encompass 241 companies, 10,000 jobs

State is fourth in solar industry, first in clean energy patents. Another $10 billion in investments in the pipeline
Michigan is home to 241 companies in the solar and wind energy supply chain, creating more than 10,000 jobs according to a report released today by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC).

Michigan ranks fourth in the nation for raw number of jobs in the solar industry and first in the nation for clean energy patents the report found. The momentum is continuing, with $10 billion in new clean energy investments in the pipeline.

“From huge steel castings for wind turbines to ultra-thin solar shingles, clean energy equipment is made in Michigan. Old-line manufacturers are retooling to produce the solar and wind equipment for our future,” said Howard Learner, ELPC’s executive director.

The report profiles the wide variety of Michigan businesses that are part of the solar and wind supply chain. The state is home to huge manufacturers like Dow Corning and Hemlock Semiconductor as well as over 100 small businesses such as Walker Miller Energy Services and Hot Watt Solar that serve a growing base of residential and commercial clients.

These businesses are looking forward to sound policies that will support the domestic market for clean energy. Michigan’s established industrial manufacturing base, skilled high-tech workforce and strong university base are among the factors that attract clean energy industries. The report also concluded that strong public policies drove the investments – including Michigan’s 2008 law requiring 10 percent of utilties’ electricity supply come from renewable energy sources by 2015.

The report, available here includes maps of the locations of the clean energy businesses and a list of all the companies and their locations.
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