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MEC weighs in on Supreme Court case with legal brief defending citizens' right to protect state's natural resources

At stake: Integrity of Michigan Environmental Protection Act
The Michigan Environmental Council has filed an amicus brief in a key Michigan Supreme Court case involving the right of citizens of Michigan to take legal action to protect the state’s natural resources. An amicus brief is a “friend of the court” argument filed by a party with an interest – but no direct involvement in – the court case.

In a nutshell: The Michigan Environmental Protection Act clearly gives “any person” in Michigan the right to use the courts to protect “…the air, water and other natural resources … from pollution, impairment or destruction.”

But recent court decisions have eroded that right, dictating that only persons directly harmed by pollution may sue. The Environmental Council believes those decisions are contrary to the intent and letter of MEPA, and makes that argument in the brief.

Supreme Court Justices heard oral arguments in the case Wednesday, Oct. 6.

You can read the brief here. Or you can read the Metro Times’ analysis of the case here.
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