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Stop the Asian carp from decimating the Great Lakes: Close the locks!

Lawsuit, online petition urge severing of last link between monster fish and world's greatest freshwater resource
The voracious Asian carp is on Lake Michigan’s doorstep, threatening to enter the Great Lakes and wreak havoc on our world-class freshwater resources. Connecting waters -- including thousands of Michigan streams, rivers, creeks, wetlands, ponds and lakes—are at risk.

A lawsuit spearheaded by Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox would close the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal and Locks – the only think remaining between the carp and Lake Michigan. So far the administration of President Barack Obama has opposed this urgent action to protect the Great Lakes.

The Michigan Environmental Council supports immediate closure of the locks. Please take a minute to read the stopasiancarp web site and sign the online petition urging quick action at www.stopasiancarp.com
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