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Earth Share, Sustaining Donor program are ways to make your donation count

Many of you are financial supporters of the Michigan Environmental Council. If so, we can’t thank you enough. You make our work to defend Michigan’s environment possible.

Michigan’s environment always will face threats, and there always will be opportunities to make things better. However, some years offer better opportunities to make progress than others. With public support for what we do on the rise, we believe we have entered one such favorable period.

There are strong opportunities before us this year to retool Michigan’s energy policy, conserve our amazing waters, protect our children from dangerous chemicals in their environment, and accomplish many other priorities.

To help us take advantage of this moment, we hope you will consider increasing your investment in MEC and our many member groups this year. We offer many ways for you to do just that.

In this issue, we draw your attention to two opportunities to make recurring gifts that may (or may not) be small in themselves, but which add up to substantial support over the course of the year.

Work-Place Giving through Earth Share of Michigan. Earth Share works with Michigan businesses and other institutions to offer their employees opportunities to support the environment through payroll deductions. When your employer runs a workplace giving campaign through Earth Share, you and your coworkers enjoy a simple and convenient way to support some or all of 24 Michigan-based environmental organizations—including MEC and many of our member groups—as well as our national and international counterparts. If you would like your employer to offer this program, Earth Share of Michigan is ready to help you make the request. For more information, visit www.earthsharemichigan.org.

Sustaining Donor program. You can make secure credit card donations to MEC at www.enviornmentalcouncil.org. Our online system enables you to make recurring contributions of whatever amount and frequency you choose. This system has enabled some of our donors to increase their total annual support of MEC without impacting their household budget all at once.

If you would like to discuss these and other options we offer our donors, contact Andy Draheim or Brianna Gerard at (517) 487-9539. Our e-mail addresses are andy@environmentalcouncil.org and brianna@environmentalcouncil.org.

Again, thank you for your support!
-Andy Draheim, Michigan Environmental Council
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