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Stark beauty of Michigan’s water, need to protect it, are theme of new book

MEC advisor Dempsey, photographer Lubbers bring life to liquid
The grandeur of Michigan’s waters is the theme of a new book by prolific author and Michigan Environmental Council advisor Dave Dempsey and photographer David Lubbers.
With a forward by Gov. William Milliken, the unique marriage of black-and-white photography and Dempsey’s prose illustrates the visceral identity of the state’s defining resource.
The pair hopes the book can draw attention to the need for better water protection in Michigan. And its publication—as the Michigan Legislature debates measures designed to do just that—is timely.
“I was born and raised in western Michigan, and Lake Michigan was there even when I wasn’t looking at it,” said Lubbers, whose 30 years of photography have taken him to Mexico, Italy, France and The Netherlands as well as the American West. His perception of the lake has changed in those years:
“The lake was beautiful and seemingly immutable. The ‘Big Lake’ could take care of itself. Maybe that was once true, but it no longer is.”
Dempsey said the book was eye-opening for him, despite his intimate familiarity with the Great Lakes and Michigan’s rivers and streams.
“I hope others will be moved to appreciate and protect our precious water after savoring these images,” Dempsey said.
The book is available through Michigan State University Press in East Lansing, (517) 355-9543 or www.msupress.msu.edu.
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