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Newly formed Michigan Climate Action Council tackles greenhouse gasses

Michigan Environmental Council among architects of plan
The Michigan Environmental Council is among those tapped to help the state stem global warming through the newly formed Michigan Climate Action Council.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm created the council in November to draft a blueprint for state climate change policies and actions. It aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through technology innovation and policies that provide economic and environmental benefits.

MEC is among 35 members of the Climate Action Council, which includes representatives from academia, industry, utilities, state and local government, and environmental interest groups. The Ecology Center, an MEC member group, also is on the climate panel.

The Climate Action Council is expected to:
  • Produce an inventory and forecast of greenhouse gas sources and emissions from 1990-2020.
  • Consider potential state and multi-state actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change in various sectors including energy supply, energy efficiency and conservation, industrial process and waste management, transportation and land use, and agriculture and forestry.
  • Develop a comprehensive climate action plan with specific recommendations for reducing greenhouse gases in Michigan by business, government and the general public.
  • Advise state and local government on measures to address climate change.
The governor has asked the council to complete its work in two phases. In the first phase, by April 30, 2008, the council will develop an interim report with a list of policy recommendations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
In the second phase, by December 31, 2008, the council shall issue a comprehensive climate change plan for Michigan. It will further develop the policy recommendations in the interim report and include an assessment of climate change impacts to Michigan, including likelihood of occurrence, and recommendations for adaptive measures. It also will recommend legislation to support its recommendations.

The council is supported by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, which is the lead state agency for this effort, and by the Center for Climate Strategies (CCS).
In addition to the Council, there are five technical work groups in which MEC staff and member groups are participating: Agriculture, Forestry and Waste; Cross Cutting Issues; Energy Supply; Residential, Commercial and Industrial; Transportation and Land Use.
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