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Thank you to our generous donors

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations who made financial contributions to the Michigan Environmental Council, December 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016.

Jennifer and Jorge Acevedo

Bonnie Adair

Mark and Meg Alberts

Gloria Albrecht

John Allison and Julia Miller

Augustine Amaru

James Anderson

Dr. Rudi and Mrs. Ansbacher

Laura Ashlee

John Austin

Shirley Axon

Lisa and Jim Baker

Justin Baker

Gretchen Barr

Richard and Nancy Barr in honor of Lois DeBacker

Richard and Judy Bearup

Larry Bell

Stephen and Judy Bemis

Margaret Bennett

Terese Bertcher

Elin Betanzo

Rosina Bierbaum

Gordon Bieske and James Veurink

Matthew Bilicic

Joan Binkow

Ilene and William Birge

Mary Black

Hon. James and Janet Blanchard

Edith and Thomas Bletcher

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Janis Bobrin and Michael Allemang

Maria and Joe Bower

Richard and Mary Bower

The Honorable Liz Brater

Mark Brewer

Mary and Don Brown

Glenn Brown

Kevin and Kristi Brown

Linda L. Bruin

Bunyan Bryant and Jean Carlberg

Michael Buhler

Jonathan and Trudy Bulkley

Frances Bull

Douglas and Susan Burns , in memory of Ned Deater

Bryan Burroughs

Margaret Buttenheim

Hon. Pamela Byrnes and Kent Brown

James and Hilary Callaghan

Susan Geothel Campbell

Bradley Cardinale

Barbara Carr

Robert Carstens

Margaret Carter

Logan Chadde

Joan Chadde

Michael Chappelow

Dick and Sue Chase

Hon. John Cherry and Pamela Faris

Steven Chester

Rebecca Chudacoff

Kenneth Clark

James Clift and Wendi Tilden

Katie Coleman

Robert and Diane Collier

Michael and Janis Colman

Columbia Asset Management

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan

Susan Conger

Alan Connor

Keith Cooley

John Covert

Bill Craig

Marcia and Ted Curran

Kenneth Dahlberg

Paul and Carol Dahlmann

Dale and Karen Dailey

Richard Dalebout

Martha Darling and Gilbert Omenn

Matthew Davis and Lakshmi Halasyamani

Vivian Day and John Stroh III

Lois R. DeBacker

Rowena DeMio

Raymond Detter

Joseph Devereaux

Sybil Diccion

Jeannine LaPrad and David Dickinson

Steve and Judy Dobson

Tracy Dobson and Oscar Kent

Mary Dobson

Shanna and Andy Draheim

Sandy and Jerry Draheim

DTE Energy Company

James Dulzo

Stephen and Janine Easter

Michael Eliasohn

Jeremy Emmi and Karen Meagher

The Energy Foundation

The Fred A. and Barbara M. Erb Family Foundation

Cheryl Farmer

Claudine Farrand

Mike Farrell

Elizabeth and Matt Fedorchuk

Thomas and Carolyn Fehsenfeld

Tim and Tara Fischer

Penelope and Kenneth Fischer

Joe and Beth Fitzsimmons

Patrice Flower

Betsy Foote and Tom Gebhardt

Susan Ford

William Clay Ford, Jr. and Lisa Ford

Bruce Forni

Dale and Bruce Frankel

Twink Frey

Fae Fuerst

Carol Furtado

Carol Coston and Elise Garcia

David Gard

Jan Garfinkle and Michael O'Donnell

Mr. Michael Gebhard

Lois Gehring

Beverly Ghesquiere

Andrew Gillis

Louis Glazer

Emily and Frank Gobright

Nancy and Larry Goldstein

Elizabeth Goodenough and James Leaf

Laurie Goshorn

Christopher and Elaine Graham

Christine and Philip Green

GreenStone Farm Credit Services

Jim Gregart

Cynthia Greig and Richard Smith

Bob and Susan Grese

Deborah Grether

Doug and Sabrina Gross

David and Dottie Gubow

Stephen Hamilton

Dick and Sandy Hansen

Judith Harris

Kurt and Madelon Hassberger

Joe Hemming

Vicky Henry and John Kerr

Heidi and Steve Herrell

James Hewitt

Peter Heydon

John Hieftje and Kathryn Goodson

Paul and Nancy Hillegonds

Nan Hogan

Rachel Hood Petroelje

Hon. Marcia Hovey-Wright

Dohn and Sally Hoyle

Joseph Hudson

Mayor Mark Huizenga

John Hunting

Willard Huntoon

Anthony Hurst

Edith Hurst

Mr. Ted Huston

Sarah Szurpicki and David Iannuzzi

Indian Trails, Inc.

Mitch Irwin

Leelyn Johnson

Peggy Johnson

Lynn Jondahl and Judy Martin

Judy Judd

Larry Junck and Robbi Duda

Eve and Jerry Jung

Prof. Fritz and Prof. Monica Kaenzig

Lois and Gordon Kane

Rachel and Stephen Kaplan

Olivia Maynard and Olof Karlstrom

Tess and Kip Karwoski

Alan Katz

Larry and Kay King

Jeffrey Kingzett

Thomas Kinnear

Jean and Arnold Kluge

Betty Jo Kolb

Chris Kolb

Rob Kolb

Douglas Koop

Christine Kosmowski

James Kosteva

Martha and David Krehbiel

The Kresge Foundation

Phillip Krill

Alan and Jean Krisch

Jann and Gary Krupa

Robert Krzewinski and Sally Lunn

Rex LaMore

John Langdon

Barbara Lapham

Myra Larson

Gayle Larson

Pamela and Lee Larson

Gordon and Maryln Lawrence

Judie and Jerry Lax

Vicki Levengood

Carol Linteau and Bob Lathrop

Anne and Sandy Lipsey

Rita Loch-Caruso and Vincent Caruso

Louise and David Lutton

Sarah Lyon-Callo

Stephen and Caroll Manchester

Maner Costerisan

Bob Martel and Lisa Sessa

William and Sally Martin

Fran and Irwin Martin

Michael Masterson

Olivia Maynard and Olof Karlstrom

Marty Mayo and Irwin Goldstein

Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. and Karen McDiarmid

Griff and Pat McDonald

Katy Maiolatesi and Andy McGlashen

Elaine K. Gazda and James H. McIntosh

Patrick and Carolyn McNamara

Sylvia Meagher

Meijer Inc.

Michigan Merchandisers, Inc.

Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Phillip Mikus

Terry Miller

Brenda Millett

William Milliken, Jr.

Charles Monsma

Peter Morman

Connie Morse

Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Associates, Inc.

Noel and Nicole Mullett

Martha Mullkoff

Muskegon Save Our Shoreline

Rory Neuner

Phillip and Eleanor Newman

Coco and Roger Newton

Tyler Nickerson and Brittany Dernberger

Jan and Tom Nies

Bruce Noble

Novi Energy

Arthur Nusbaum

John and Gwen Nystuen

Janine and Dennis O'Connell

Lynn and Ron Olson

Pamela Ortner

James and Emily Ostrowski

Dennis Pace and Anne Grofvert

Mark W. Paddock

Terry McGovern and Carol Paine-McGovern

Joan Park

Laura Parra

Carol and Wade Peacock

Parker Pennington

Michael Penskar and Maureen Martin

Harry Perlstadt

Brian Peters

Hon. Lynne Pierce and Raymond Andary

Roger and Joanne Pohl

John Pollack

Lana and Henry Pollack

Porter Family Foundation

Kathy and Philip Power

Evan Pratt

Paul Pratt and Denise Chrysler

Tim and Sally Putney

Bill Rastetter and Cary Weed

Jim and Bonnie Reece

Barbara Reed & Philip Zazove

Mark and Susan Richardson

Richner & Richner

Sr. Gloria Rivera, IHM

Rockefeller Family Fund

Phil Roos

Kyle Rorah

Eric Rothstein

Kathleen Brennan and Ronald Rubin

Jon Russell

Bill and Brenda Rustem

June Rusten

Frank and Diane Ruswick

Marilyn Schmidt

Jack Schmitt

Schupan Recycling

Elvera Shappirio

David and Kate Share

Cliff and Ingrid Sheldon

John Shreves

Mike Shriberg

John Sickler and Kimberly VanHoek

Irene Sidor Smith

Susan Silagi

Catherine Sleight

Tom and Ruth Small

Robb and Chrissy Smith

Richard Soble and Barbara Kessler

Dan Sommerville

Sandra Sorini Elser

Russell and Tina Soyring

John Springer

Thomas Stanton

David Stead

Charity and Bill Steere

Marilyn and George Stephan

Julie Stoneman

Susan Supanich

Superior Land Conservancy

Pam Taylor

Mark Tessler

Loren Thomas Clift

Diane and Paul Thompson

Paul and Alice Tomboulian

Thomas Trautmann

Grant and Mary Trigger

Tom and Laura Trudeau


Truscott Rossman

Marianne Udow-Phillips and Bill Phillips

David Uhlmann and Virginia Murphy

Kathryn Upton

Marion Vander Veen

Kim Waldo

Bruce Wallace and Susie Cannell

Allan Newman and Roddy Wares

James and Judith Warner

Anna Warren and John Warren, Jr.

Jane and Price Watts

Leonard and Margaret Weber

Neal and Susan Weinberg

Zelma Weisfeld

Tom Weisskopf and Susan Contratto

Philip Wells

Western Michigan University

Nancy Wheeler

Deanah and John White

Robert and Marina Whitman

Charles Wilbur and Caroline Blaum

Thomas Wilczak

Dr. Veronica Wilkerson-Johnson

Guy Williams

Ralph Williams

Bruce Wilson and Carol Hollenshead

Kim Winchell

Tom and Anne Woiwode

Arthur and Shirley Wolfe

E. Gabriel Works

Lisa Wozniak

Robert Zbiciak

Ben Zimont

Celeste McClellan and Barbara Zmich

Jens and Frances Zorn

Paul and Jean Zugger
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