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MEC’s first satellite office: Strengthening the Lansing-Detroit connection

The Michigan Environmental Council’s first-ever satellite office is appropriately located in the heart of Michigan’s largest city: Detroit.

MEC Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy found and secured the shared cubicle-style workspace, which also offers conference rooms, wireless computing access and meeting spaces available to MEC staff, partners and board members upon request.

The new MEC Detroit-based office is located at 243 W. Congress, Suite 350, Detroit. Parking is available at the nearby Cobo Hall roof.

The office space already has proven valuable for MEC staff and partners, especially during key events such as the recent Model D speaker’s series on “Greening Detroit,” the “Food, Jobs, Energy” conference put on by financial institutions in late April, and the EPA’s three-day National Brownfields Conference at Cobo Hall May 5–7.

The space will doubtless prove to be a great place for MEC and key allies to convene the many relationship-building conversations that will help better connect our core work in the Capitol to the needs and opportunities of Detroit’s residents and advocates. Already, emerging priorities include:
  1. Supporting groups working tirelessly to shut down the Detroit incinerator and developing cleaner state and city energy programs that improve life for residents;
  2. Examining opportunities to address quality of life needs around vacant land issues, brownfield redevelopment, and transit and transportation; and
  3. Advancing children’s health initiatives by pursuing air quality, lead abatement and water pollution issues in the city.
For information or to schedule a visit to our new Detroit office, please contact Sandra at her home base, (313) 962-3984.
-Brad Garmon, Michigan Environmental Council
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