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Lansing, feds to create a green technology park behind the State Capitol

(and a few blocks from our office!)
A parking lot behind the State Capitol building will be transformed into a public park, showcasing green infrastructure and renewable energy technologies with federal assistance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Lansing was among three state capitals chosen for the help from the EPA’s Greening America’s Capitals program. The others are Madison, WI, and Olympia, WA. 

The 14-acre park will feature renewable energy technologies and additional green space along with demonstration projects. It was chosen from a nationwide competition based on the city’s commitment to green design strategies. 

The program will be designed to also help implement storm water and climate mitigation techniques, while connecting pedestrian walkways and transit between state office buildings. 

City staff and a consultant team will be chosen soon, and the EPA will help contract private services to assist with the project. 

Since the park will be almost literally a stone’s throw from our offices, MEC expects to engage in the community involvement aspect of the design. We’d love to hear your thoughts!
-Sarah Mullkoff
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