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Michigan Quiz

1. The first Kirtland’s warbler was identified from a specimen collected on Dr. Jared Kirtland’s farm in 1851. The farm was near: 
a. Mio, MI 
b. Roscommon, MI 
c. Cleveland, OH 
d. Windsor, CAN 

2. A pair of Kirtland’s warblers needs eight acres of what kind of habitat to nest? 
a. Inshore sand dunes 
b. Old growth white pine 
c. Young jack pine
d. Suburban chemically treated lawn 

3. Until 1995, the warblers were known to nest only in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Today, they also nest where? 
a. The Upper Peninsula 
b. Wisconsin 
c. Canada 
d. All of the above 

4. Kirtland’s warblers declined to 167 nesting pairs in 1987. The primary cause was what? 
a. Fire suppression-created habitat loss 
b. Fire retardants in the food chain 
c. Poaching 
d. Invasive warbler mites from Europe 

5. The number of nesting pairs in 2011 was? 
a. 355 
b. 900 
c. 1,828 
d. 5,543 

6. Warblers nest: 
a. On the ground 
b. In tree branches 
c. On fence posts and stumps 
d. All of the above 

7. In 1985, a wayward tank driver from the Michigan National Guard’s Camp Grayling crashed through restricted warbler habitat. What happened? 
a. Protesters forced him to move out of state. 
b. He was issued a $105 ticket by a DNR conservation officer. 
c. He was jailed for 90 days and released after 8 days. 
d. He received 45 stitches after angry warblers attacked. 

8. Kirtland’s warblers spend the winter in: 
a. Semi-hibernation 
b. Hollow trees 
c. Bahamas and in the Turks, Caicos, and Hispaniola islands 
d. Brazil 

9. Cowbirds are a threat to Kirtland’s warblers because: 
a. They kill warblers to defend territory. 
b. They lay eggs in warbler nests. 
c. They out-compete warblers for food. 
d. They are just plain mean. 

10. The Kirtland’s warbler is not the state bird. Why? 
a. It’s a conspiracy of the powerful robin lobby in Lansing. 
b. We honestly are dumbfounded. 
c. Because that would make too much sense. 
d. Discrimination against dull colored birds. 

Answers: 1-C: Cleveland (although it was not nesting there); 2-C: Jack pine; 3-D: All of the above; 4-A: Fire suppression; 5-C: 1,828; 6-A: Ground; 7-B: A ticket; 8-C: The Bahamas; 9-B: Nest parasites; 10: They all sound about right.
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