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“Our concern is with the proximity to the Great Lakes. You’ve got the world’s greatest freshwater resource a mile away from this material. If anything should go wrong, it jeopardizes the water that is the lifeblood of Michigan and the Great Lakes region.” 
—MEC’s Hugh McDiarmid in an Aug. 20 Michigan Radio story about a proposed Canadian nuclear waste dump a mile from the Lake Huron shore 

“What we are asking of Governor Snyder is that he require Enbridge, the oil company, to immediately replace this old pipeline with the best and safest technology available.” 
—MEC’s Kate Madigan in a July 9 UpNorthLive story on a rally at the Mackinac Bridge calling attention to aging oil pipelines beneath the Straits of Mackinac 

“People come from around the world to fish in Michigan—the Au Sable (River), the Pine, the Manistee—in these areas we have to watch it. Too much water out of those aquifers impacts the trout and the state’s tourism economy.” 
—MEC’s James Clift discussing water withdrawals for natural gas fracking operations, during WKAR’s Aug. 12 Current State radio program 

 “Rivers like the Au Sable and the Manistee would not be the nationally renowned trout streams they are today without the hard work and dedication of volunteers like Bob. He has truly made a difference.” 
—MEC President Chris Kolb in a July 20 Ann Arbor Journal story about MEC’s 2013 award winners

“The safest and most fiscally responsible approach we can take is to make sure our transportation dollars are focused on maintaining existing infrastructure and investing in a modern transportation system.” 
—MEC’s Tim Fischer in a June story on MiNBCnews.com on Michigan’s aging bridges 

“We are looking at fracking wells using 100, 200, even 300 times as much fracking water as previous wells used, and that’s a big concern.” 
—MEC’s Hugh McDiarmid on the June 26 City Pulse Live radio show on The Impact 89 FM

“President Obama’s call for cuts in carbon pollution, if achieved, will boost the economy, improve public health and protect ratepayers as well as help mitigate the effects of climate change. The initiative also gives Michigan an opportunity to harness the economic opportunities by expanding investments in energy efficiency and clean energy.”
MEC statement quoted in a June 29 Detroit News story on President Obama’s climate initiative 

“The purpose of the agenda is to hold those who we elect accountable to the residents’ agenda and not one of their own. Many of the environmental, economic and social injustice issues Detroiters face can be mitigated through public policies that mandate, promote or lead by example to a healthier, greener and sustainable city.” 
—MEC’s Sandra Turner-Handy in an Aug. 15 Michigan Citizen story on the Detroit Environmental Agenda 

“We’re one of only two states that run a good enough program to run that program within the state. Virtually the entire regulated community realizes it’s a good idea to have to go to the state in one place and get one permit to cover all development activity in wetlands.” 
—MEC’s James Clift in a July Petoskey News-Review story on problems with the state wetlands program 

“It’s what people in the tri-county region want. They said they want more mobility options that go through the region. This is exactly what people are talking about.” 
—MEC’s Tim Fischer in the Lansing City Pulse, supporting a federal grant for the Michigan Flyer bus service connecting mid-Michigan with the Detroit Metro airport
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