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Thank you to our generous supporters

We are grateful to the following individuals and organizations who made financial contributions to the Michigan Environmental Council, June 2013 through November 20, 2013:
Porter and Anita Abbott 
Carol and Carl Akerlof 
Heather Allen Elisabeth and Dr. Rudi Ansbacher 
Suzanne Antisdel 
Joey Arbaugh 
AT&T Michigan 
Shirley Axon 
Essel and Menakka Bailey 
Stuart Batterman and Gloria Mason 
Doug Bauer 
Margaret and Bradley Baxter 
Becky and Darin Beauregard 
Terese Bertcher 
Hon. James and Mrs. James Blanchard 
Joyce Braithwaite-Brickley 
Marceline Bright 
Nadine Brown 
Bill and Mary Browning 
Linda Bruin 
Chris Bunch 
Eunice Burns 
Richard and Bettie Buss 
Robert Carstens 
Cascade Engineering 
Judith Kay Chase 
Nic Clark 
Mark Clevey 
Alan Connor 
Keith Cooley 
Susan Cooley 
Anne Couture 
Judy and Tom Croxton 
Richard Dalebout 
Kenneth and Isabelle Davidson 
Lillian Dean 
Lois R. DeBacker 
Rowena DeMio 
Jack and Suzzanne Dempsey 
Suzanne Dixon 
Leo and Genevieve Dorr 
Jean Doss Sandy and Jerry Draheim 
DTE Energy Company 
Del and Nancy Dunbar 
Stephen and Janine Easter 
Elfriede Engel 
Cheryl Farmer 
Connie Ferguson 
Betsy Foote and Thomas Gebhardt 
Dale and Bruce Frankel 
Al and Karen Gallup 
John and Susan Gannon 
Lois Gehring 
Beverly Ghesquiere 
Honorable James Giddings 
Lawrence Glazer 
Louis Glazer 
Emily and Frank Gobright 
Nancy and Larry Goldstein 
George Googasian 
Christopher and Elaine Graham 
Susan Greenberg 
Charles Griffith 
Kurt Guter 
Rebecca Head and David Stead 
Andrew and Terry Hogarth 
David Holtz 
Rose Homa 
Rachel Hood 
Richard Horvitz 
Marcia Hovey-Wright 
Rebecca Humphries 
Hon. Jeff Irwin 
Mark and Cheryl Jenness 
Drs. Kent and Mary Johnson 
Peggy Johnson 
Lynn Jondahl and Judy Martin 
Judy Judd 
Jerry and Eve Jung 
Rachel and Stephen Kaplan 
Margaret Kauffman 
Ada and Dave Kidd 
Jeanie and Murray Kilgour 
John Kinch 
Elizabeth Kinney 
Elaine and David Kirshenbaum 
Jean and Arnold Kluge 
Betty Jo Kolb 
Jann and Gary Krupa 
Dick Lacks 
John Langdon 
Myra Larson 
Carol Linteau and Robert Lathrop 
Wendy and Ted Lawrence 
Manny Lentine 
Mary Lirones 
Nancy Livermore 
Carol Magee 
Katy Maiolatesi and Andy McGlashen 
Sally and Bill Martin 
Fran and Irwin Martin 
Marty Mayo and Irwin Goldstein 
Janice McDiarmid 
Lorna McEwen 
Brian and Oonagh McKenna 
Lineve McKie 
Philip and Connie Micklin 
Hon. William G. Milliken 
Robert Morris 
Joan and Bob Nassauer 
Rory Neuner 
Thomas and Jill Newhouse 
Arthur Nusbaum 
Aviva Panush 
Walter Pascal Henry and Lana Pollack 
Phil and Kathy Power 
Dr. Maurice and Leanor Reizen 
Robert Richardson 
Gloria Rivera 
Ann Rogers 
Julie Rogers 
Phil and Kate Roos 
Nathaniel Rowe 
Laura Rubin 
Erin Ruccolo 
Frank Ruswick 
Sally Mead Hands Foundation 
John Sarver Eric and Nancy Schertzing 
Larry and Patricia Schnettler 
Jamie and Dan Scripps 
The ServiceMaster Company 
Elvera Shappirio 
John Sickler 
Conan Smith and Rebekah Warren 
Pamela Smith 
John and Therese Smith 
Thomas Stanton 
Marilyn and George Stephan 
Julie Stoneman 
Wendy Sylvester-Rowan and Jake Rowan 
Paul Tomboulian 
University of Michigan 
Bill and Carrie Venema 
William Warren 
Bob and Mary Jo Weise 
Norman Welch 
Alma Wheeler Smith 
Guy Williams 
Donna and Frederick Winters 
Courtney Wisinski 
Pamela Withrow 
Joan Wolfe 
Patricia Woollcott 
Lisa Wozniak 
David Wright 
Roger Wykes 
Scott Zimostrad
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