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By The Numbers

Facts on Michigan's 25x25 ballot initiative proposal
60: Percentage of Michigan electricity generated by coal 

1.8: Billions of dollars Michiganders send to other states to buy coal to generate electricity 

Zero: The cost of the fuel that powers wind turbines and solar panels 

20: Number of states with renewable energy goals or standards similar to Michigan’s proposal 

Zero: Number of those states that have experienced significant utility rate increases as a result 

10: Billions of dollars in investment that a 25 percent standard could bring to Michigan 

240: Number, at a minimum, of Michigan companies currently doing business in the wind and solar equipment supply chains 

1.5: Billions of dollars in annual costs and damages to Michiganders that are related to coal pollution from just nine of the state’s coal plants 

68,000: Annual number of asthma exacerbations in Michigan children caused by coal pollution
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