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“We’ve got to start thinking about long-term sustainable practices in the City of Detroit.… Sooner or later, we’re going to learn not to burn trash. So let’s make the transition now when we can create twice as many jobs.”
 —MEC’s Sandra Turner-Handy, in a story about the Detroit incinerator, published in the Huffington Post and numerous other outlets  

“I got a lot of blank stares and confused looks … the consensus was that this was a problem we had solved long ago.” 
—MEC’s Tina Reynolds on the Nov. 1 Tony Trupiano Show (AM 1310 WDTW), discussing her outreach to legislators on childhood lead poisoning prevention

"Success will promote fairness, health, equity and opportunity for all Michiganders. It will mean a higher quality of life by connecting people to jobs, housing, neighborhoods and marketplaces, both for those who have the means to own a personal vehicle, and for those who do not.”
 —MEC’s Chris Kolb in a joint opinion article with the NAACP’s Rev. Wendell Anthony published Nov. 9 in the Detroit Free Press 

“This law assumes that rules written in Washington for waters in other states are good enough to protect our Great Lakes. They are not.”
 —MEC’s James Clift in a Nov. 14 Associated Press story on controversial “No Stricter Than Federal” legislation (later vetoed by Gov. Rick Snyder)

 “Our nation should invest vigorously in American-made energy-saving innovations and modern, cleaner technologies of the future.”
 —MEC’s Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. in a September 29 Detroit News story on the proposed Keystone Pipeline 

“Offshore wind turbines can produce more energy than those on land and could significantly reduce the need to buy out-of-state fuel.” 
—MEC’s Clift in the Oct. 7 Traverse City Record Eagle 

“Protecting our rivers starts with being knowledgeable and not relying on word-of-mouth or assuming the conditions of the water.” 
—MEC’s Andrew McGlashen in a Nov. 9 mlive.com story about the Michigan River News website, which he cofounded (www.michiganrivernews.com)  

“Energy conservation is the least expensive and fastest way to meet our energy needs, and it’s the only energy option that actually saves customers money.”
 —McDiarmid, Jr. in a Nov. 27 Associated Press story on energy efficiency programs 

“This is probably the greatest opportunity for the expansion of rail in our state in 100 years.”
 —Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje, in a Nov. 2 Lansing City Pulse article, speaking at the Michigan Rail Summit organized by MEC
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