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MEC overheard in the news

“From an environmental, economic development and social justice perspective we are going to have to do transportation differently in our state. We’re not talking about abandoning the transportation system we have and building new, but investing in our transportation infrastructure.”

— MEC Deputy Policy Director Tim Fischer in a May 2 MiBiz story on the kickoff of the Transportation For Michigan (Trans4M) Coalition

“We’ve cut so much, there’s no fat left. There’s hardly any meat left. We’re down to cutting the bone.”

— Fischer again, in a May 9 article on Washington-based dc.streetsblog.org on public transportation in Michigan

“Why do we have to choose between jobs and our health? We’ve got to start thinking about long term sustainable practices in the City of Detroit, about jobs that are going to be here. Sooner or later we’re going to learn not to burn trash. So let’s make the transition now when we can create twice as many jobs and long-term jobs.”

— MEC Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy in a March 27 Michigan Citizen story on the Detroit incinerator

“It seems inconceivable that politicians in the Great Lakes State believe Washington bureaucrats will protect the lakes better than those who live here. But that’s what they’ve said with today’s vote.”

— MEC Policy Director James Clift in the May 6 Michigan Messenger on legislation that would prohibit environmental rules stricter than federal standards without legislative approval
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