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“When the President releases that budget, we want Michigan to be the top of the list for these infrastructure investments. The electric car, and the industries it supports, is vital to Michigan’s economic recovery.”

—MEC Energy Program Director David Gard in the Jan. 27 Oakland Press applauding President Barack Obama’s goal of one million electric cars by 2015

“This incident illustrates for us the need for a public dialogue over whether we need to look at or change any of the fracking regulations.”

—MEC Communications Director Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. in a Feb. 11 Associated Press story regarding a leak in a natural gas drilling operation using hydraulic fracturing

 “These are big concerns that need to be a priority. If this isn’t taken care of now, it’s going to get worse.”

—MEC Policy Director James Clift in the Feb. 21 Detroit Free Press on upgrading the sewer systems in Detroit

“Pure Michigan is not going to remain very pure at these levels.”

—MEC Policy Director James Clift in the Feb. 18 Detroit Free Press on Gov. Rick Snyder’s proposal to cut funding by 15% for environmental protection

“We’re still gonna have those bad actors out there. We’re still gonna need the courts to keep them in line.”

—MEC Policy Director James Clift on WKAR Radio on Jan 25, on the need to continue strong enforcement of factory farm pollution law, along with voluntary compliance programs

 “It’s a struggle to maintain the roads we have with the money available, so it makes sense to use that limited money to maintain what we have.”

 —MEC President Chris Kolb in a Feb. 11 Associated Press story on a study showing that fixing existing roads creates more jobs than building new ones
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