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Bell ringers: Environmental successes won in recent weeks

In each issue of the Michigan Environmental Report, we celebrate accomplishments by MEC and member groups.

Parks funding
It’s a glimmer of good fiscal news for Michigan’s state parks and recreation areas: The state’s new funding system—the Recreation Passport that replaces window decals—has reached and passed the ‘break even’ point. 2011 should see modest increases in revenue for critical infrastructure upgrades to the parks, operations and maintenance, and even support for local governments. The parks pass is $10, available when motorists renew vehicle registrations or at the parks themselves.

Green Engler?

Former Michigan Gov. John Engler—long a nemesis of the environmental community—has taken a position with the Business Roundtable in Washington, DC. The organization states that it is “committed to aggressive energy efficiency programs and recognizes the important role of energy savings in improving the bottom line” and that it was “the first broad-based business group to agree on the need to address climate change through collective action.” Gov. Engler declined our request for an interview, but we’re encouraged by the glint of green.

Moving people

Amid the budget cuts aimed at nearly every corner of the state budget, Governor Rick Snyder has proposed a transportation budget that essentially maintains existing funding for public transit and statewide passenger rail services. Meanwhile, a series of public meetings in Detroit on the Woodward Avenue light rail transportation project generated some visibility for the project that could transform the roadway into a more vibrant, vital corridor of commerce and activity.
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