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Michigan’s state symbols: How much do you know?

1. The state bird is the: 
A) Chickadee 
B) Kirtland warbler 
C) Robin 
D) Pie-billed grebe 

 2. The state wildflower is the: 

A) Trillium 
B) Dwarf lake iris 
C) Black-eyed Susan 
D) Dandelion 

 3. The state stone is the: 

A) Petoskey 
B) Sandstone 
C) Quartz 
D) Broken highway pavement 

 4. The state fish is the: 

A) Brown trout 
B) Brook trout 
C) Lake trout 
D) Asian carp 

 5. The state game mammal is the: 

A) White-tailed deer 
B) Pheasant 
C) Elk 
D) Wolverine 

 6. The state flower (different from the state wildflower) is the: 

A) Trillium 
B) Dwarf lake iris 
C) Apple blossom
D) Sunflower 

 7. The state tree is the: 

A) Maple 
B) Bur oak 
C) White pine 
D) Emerald ash borer 

 8. The state soil (seriously!) is the: 
A) Marquette loam 
B) Grayling peat
C) Kalkaska sand 
D) Michigan red 

 9. The state reptile is the: 
A) Eastern garter snake 
B) Painted turtle 
C) Five lined skink 
D) Chief lobbyist for the polluters 

10. Is the mastodon the state fossil? 

A) No, it was vetoed in 1997 by Gov. Engler. 
B) Yes, it survived an attempt by the legislature in1997 to rescind it after geologists complained there were never mastodons in Michigan. 
C) Yes, it was so designated in 2002 by the legislature (with a yes vote from then-Rep. Chris Kolb). D) No, the state fossil is alive and a registered lobbyist in Lansing, Michigan (you know who you are).

Answers: 1. C) Robin; 2. B) Dwarf lake iris; 3. A) Petoskey; 4. B) Brook trout; 5. A) White-tailed deer; 6. C) Apple blossom; 7. C) White pine; 8. C) Kalkaska sand; 9. B) Painted turtle; 10. C) Yes, mastodon
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