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Annual member meeting focuses on creating 50-year vision for a prosperous Michigan

Ideas, input help shape forward-looking document
Small group sessions helped mold a 50-year vision for the Michigan Environmental Council.
Big picture and long-term thinking were the order of the day at the Michigan Environmental Council’s 2009 annual meeting held Dec. 11 near Lansing.

The day focused largely on gathering input for the development of a far-reaching, 50-year vision for Michigan. Participants from MEC member organizations broke into small groups to brainstorm ideas on what a vibrant, clean, healthy state should look like in 2060, and how best to reach that goal.

The ideas are being incorporated into MEC’s 50-year vision project for further discussion and input from member groups, friends and other stakeholders. A finished product should be complete this year to be used as a tool to guide broad-based policy strategies and discussions. The document should be available soon on MEC’s website, www.environmentalcouncil.org.

Member groups also had a chance to ask questions of luncheon speaker Bruce Rasher, who was the transition chief for the recombination of the former departments of Environmental Quality and Natural Resources into the new Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment.
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