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Overheard: MEC in the news

“These reductions are affordable, achievable, and of paramount importance to creating a healthier Michigan.”
—MEC’s James Clift in an Oct. 21 Associated Press story on new rules designed to cut Michigan’s power plant mercury emissions by 90%

“The goal of the forum is to give voters the opportunity to hear candidates’ plans to meet environmental challenges.”
—MEC’s Sandra Turner-Handy in Detroit’s Metro Times speaking about a Detroit City candidate forum held Oct. 21

“Anyone interested in accuracy and capable of clicking through a Google search will easily discover that the assertions … are patently and grossly false.”
—MEC’s Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., responding to a blog post asserting MEC is a front group of “two or three activists … paid by larger groups like the Sierra Club or Green Peace (sic).”

“The bill is an imperfect fix to a problem, but it’s better than the alternative, which is allowing the federal government to oversee Michigan’s wetlands.”
—MEC’s McDiarmid in an Oct. 16 Detroit News story on a deal to keep Michigan’s wetland regulation under state control

“We appreciate the sincere efforts of legislators, interest groups and others who have worked for months to maintain control of our own wetlands. But it may be a hollow victory due to other cuts to programs designed to protect the Great Lakes and protect public health.”
—MEC President Chris Kolb in an AP story on the plight of Michigan wetlands protection

“You can create some jobs with a coal plant, but then all we do is buy coal fuel from out of state, and most of the jobs are gone after the plants are built. We need an energy future that continues to put Michigan manufacturing workers back to work for the long term.”
—MEC’s Clift in an Oct. 6 Detroit Free Press story on a pro-coal rally at the State Capitol

“The clean energy economy is not just a talking point for us. It is a key to this state’s survival.”
—MEC’s Tremaine Phillips speaking to the crowd at the summer’s Rothbury Music Festival in West Michigan
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