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Overheard: MEC in the news

“It borders on insulting that Michigan may spend more than $170 million in federal stimulus money to build bigger roads rather than fixing the ones already in desperate straits.”
—MEC Deputy Policy Director Tim Fischer in an April opinion piece in the Detroit News on targeting stimulus money

“Decades of science has proved that CO2 regulation is necessary, and sober economic analysis shows that its costs can be more than offset by huge economic growth and job creation opportunities.”
—MEC President Chris Kolb in an April 20 Detroit Free Press guest editorial

“If we build places where the best and brightest want to live, our economy will reap the benefits in job creation, skilled workers and entrepreneurial activity. If we fail to build them, those same folks will continue to go elsewhere.”
—MEC Land Programs Director Brad Garmon in a Detroit News opinion piece on walkable cities, co-written with Gil White, past president of the Michigan Association of Realtors

“It gives (auto companies) the certainty they need to make big investments in retooling and designing cleaner-burning vehicles.”
—MEC Energy Program Director David Gard in an April 18 Detroit News story on the EPA declaring greenhouse gasses from tailpipes a health hazard

“Pregnancy kind of elevated my awareness even more. I thought, ‘Should I be inhaling these fumes?’”
—MEC Development Specialist Kate Madigan in an April 4 Detroit Free Press story on using nontoxic cleaners

“Alternatives including efficiency programs and renewable power options will create more in-state jobs and a more vigorous economy than another gargantuan coal plant.”
—MEC Communications Director Hugh McDiarmid, Jr. in a March 10 Associated Press story on plans for a new coal plant in Bay City

“The neighborhood is excited and aware. It’ll be a success, especially if the education portion is done correctly.”
—MEC Community Outreach Director Sandra Turner-Handy in the May 9 Michigan Citizen on Detroit’s pilot recycling program

“It appears our best wind is offshore.”
—MEC Policy Director James Clift in an April 22 Wall Street Journal story on wind power opportunities in the Great Lakes
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