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Stranger than fiction

Michigan nuke plant security chief’s bizarre tales chronicled in Esquire Magazine
It sounded like a story from the tabloids. But there it was in Esquire Magazine: Disturbing stories of killing, mercenary work and covert government assassination by the former head of security at Palisades nuclear power plant.

Author Tom Junod concluded that most of security chief William Clark’s tales were lies, but it seemed incontrovertible that he faked much of his résumé and security clearance to get the job and spun bizarre and probably false tales about his past as a covert government assassin, according to Esquire.

The story prompted calls for investigation by the Michigan Environmental Council, several congressmen and other organizations in May.

“A federal investigation should encompass security screening at nuclear waste storage sites, including the former Big Rock Point site, where radioactive spent nuclear fuel sits indefinitely under armed guard near Charlevoix,” read an MEC press release.

“Public safety is dependent on vigilant protections by both the companies and government regulators who oversee these nuclear plants,” said Lana Pollack, president of the Michigan Environmental Council. “This individual told Esquire of deep emotional problems and stories of a violent past, stories which appear mostly to be untrue.”

“Either way, the idea that he had full access to the Palisades plant and a fully-armed team of guards who answered to him would be a stunning security lapse,” she said.

Palisades was acquired by Entergy Corp. from Consumers Energy Co. earlier this year. Clark was hired a year-and-a-half ago, according to Esquire.

Read the article online here: http://www.esquire.com/features/mercenary0607.
-Hugh McDiarmid, Jr., Michigan Environmental Council
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