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Victory: Mercury banned from medical products

Dangerous mercury will no longer be allowed in numerous medical devices sold in Michigan after a legislative victory in December.
In the closing days of the 2005-2006 legislative session, with leadership from Sen. Patricia Birkholz (R-Saugatuck), MEC and its allies succeeded in passing bills that phase out mercury thermostats, blood pressure measuring devices and esophageal dilators. These bills marked an important victory for Michigan citizens and wildlife and capped off more than a year of work with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs and the involvement of many environmental and public health groups to phase out products containing mercury.
We will now build on this momentum in the new legislative session to ban more products containing mercury such as manometers, barometers, flow meters, and relays and switches. In addition to reducing mercury contamination in our own state, by enacting these product bans, Michigan is playing an important role in achieving a national tipping point at which manufacturers will no longer find it economically feasible to produce products containing mercury because of bans in a critical mass of states.
-Kate Madigan, Michigan Environmental Council
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