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MEC praises governor's veto

"No Stricter Than Federal" legislation would undermine Michigan's ability to protect Great Lakes
Dec 1, 2011
The Michigan Environmental Council praised Gov. Rick Snyder for today’s veto of the Michigan Legislature’s misguided “No Stricter Than Federal” legislation (HB 4326).

The bill would have prohibited Michigan’s governor and state agencies from imposing any rule that exceeds federal standards unless approved by the State Legislature. That would have effectively stripped the state governor – and future governors – from acting decisively and quickly to protect our Great Lakes and other Pure Michigan assets.

“This is a clumsy piece of legislation that would have subjected Michigan’s world-class water resources to the same rules as water in Arizona or New Mexico,” said Chris Kolb, president of the Michigan Environmental Council. “Federal standards are designed as a floor from which states may build rules that make sense for their unique needs.

“As stewards of the world’s greatest freshwater resource, Michiganders know better than Washington bureaucrats how to protect our lakes and streams. Governor Snyder’s veto helps preserve that authority.”
Hugh McDiarmid, 248-660-4300
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