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MEC: Smoking ban is welcome news for health, safety in Michigan

Dec 10, 2009
A ban on smoking in bars and restaurants approved today by the Michigan Senate and House is a huge step forward for the health and safety of the state’s residents, the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC) said today.

“Finally,” said MEC President Chris Kolb, a former state representative who supported smoking bans introduced during his tenure. “This is a long overdue, common-sense protection for patrons and employees of Michigan’s bars and restaurants.”

The measure exempts casino gaming floors, cigar bars and other specialty shops from the ban.

“It’s not perfect,” Kolb said, “but it is a bipartisan compromise that covers a lot of ground and will result in direct positive effects on the health of the public and workers in these businesses.”

Gov. Jennifer Granholm is expected to sign the legislation into law.

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