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President’s call for cuts in carbon pollution will protect ratepayers, public health

Michigan can harness the opportunity with expanded clean energy goals
Jun 25, 2013
Governor Rick Snyder’s administration is currently reviewing the state’s efficiency and renewable energy standards, which plateau in 2015. Snyder has said he is interested in expanding both the renewable energy standard (10% renewable electricity by 2015) and the efficiency goal (1% efficiency gains annually).

“Michigan’s existing efficiency and renewable energy programs have exceeded expectations – on cost, economic activity, and protection of public health,” said Chris Kolb, president of the Michigan Environmental Council. “Meshing our policy with the President’s initiative by continuing our transition to clean energy options will be a win for the state, ratepayers, and a warming planet.”

Kolb said the council will review specifics of the President’s plan with an eye toward encouraging the most effective and economical options – those that best protect ratepayers.

“We recognize the President operates in a hyper-political environment,” said Kolb. “But we would hope that both parties might agree on a handful of common-sense goals. Efficiency, for example, should be at the top of every energy policy because it reduces consumer costs, energy use, and pollution from greenhouse gases and other toxics.”

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